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Church Planter Profile

Congregation : Bulgarian Baptist Church of Chgo
Location : Chicago  IL Yahoo Map
Phone : (h) 847.519.3555 / (w)
Planter's Name : George H Kirov
Email Address :
Website :
Our vision is to establish a strong Bible believing, Christ following church in the Bulgarian community in Chicago. The church is going to serve as a base for reaching out the Bulgarian people in North America and other parts of the world. I have ministered among the Bulgarian people for many years, first in Bulgaria and now in US. I know the culture, the language, the history and many other things about Bulgaria and the Bulgarians I love my people and I want to see many Bulgarians saved for the eternity.

Ethnicity: Bulgarian


Bulgarian & English

Focus Group:

Facilitator : Jay Noh    Cell Phone: 630.780.0294

Church Plant Progress Worship Information
Prayer Strategy
Small Groups Started
Constituted (year 2)
Affiliated (year 2)
Multiplied (year 2-4)
Average Worship Attendance : 30
Average Small Group Attendance : 15
Worship Location :
Brickyard Bible Church
6334 W. Diversey Av.
Chicago IL 60639
Worship Time :
12:30 PM on Sundays
Picture of Congregation
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Ministry & Prayer Update (Updated on 4/3/2009)
Please pray for the financial well being of the members in the church. We have some people who have been laid off and can not find a job. Some left the country for this reason and others plan on doing that if they can not find a job in the near future. Pray that God leads us and gives us wisdom how to reach out and serve the people in this difficult situation. Pray for a revivle in the church. Pray for the many people who attend the church but have not made a decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Pray for Emil, Georgi, Alex, Iordanka, Lily, Elena, Stoyno, Reny, to accept Christ. They come to our meetings regularly. Pray for my family as we face finical difficulties as well. We expect our third child later this year and my wife is going to quit her job very soon, due to her pregnancy. Pray that we meet all the challenges and serve the Lord faithfully.
sometimes but have not accepted Christ as their Savior. Pray for our Easter Outreach service.
Pray for our family. Thanks!

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