“Gotta Have” Prayer Resources For Church Planters




1.    Holy Bible - any version will do ... Must be opened to activate.


2.    Holy Spirit - author of above; eager to use above to guide and empower your prayer life and your prayer leadership


3.    Holy Nation - corporate gatherings of God¹s people ... marked by passion and strategic prayer





(note: those below in red are Phil Miglioratti’s top 3 picks)


1.     How To Pray

Ronnie Floyd

LifeWay Press

“Helps you overcome obstacles to effective prayer.”


2.     Let Prayer Change Your Life Workbook

Becky Tirabassi

Thomas Nelson Publishers

“If you struggle between desiring a meaningful prayer life and actually having one, this workbook is for you.”


3.     Praying God’s Word

Beth Moore

LifeWay Press

“Topical prayer guide; addresses 14 strongholds and what Scripture reveals about each of them.”


4.     Disciple’s Prayer Life

T.W. Hunt & Catherine Walker

LifeWay Press

“Personal, daily study and 12 weekly small group meetings to strengthen and deepen adult prayer lives toward developing the church intercessory prayer ministry.”


5.     In God’s Presence

LifeWay Press

“Six week study to help you work with God in prayer in the six types of prayer.”





1.     A House of Prayer: Prayer Ministries In Your Church

Complied by John Franklin, 128 pp.

LifeWay Press: 800-233-1123 / http://www.lifewaystores.com/

“Gives pastors, church staff, and church prayer leaders practical guidance for establishing or strengthening their church¹s prayer ministry. Chapters include: Prayer Basics, How to start a prayer ministry, Keys to dynamic prayer meetings, Prayer resources and networks, plus 62 creative ideas for involving church members in prayer.”


2.     “Pray!” Magazine



“Informs. Instructs. Inspires. Subscribe for your church. Read for yourself. Distribute to your prayer team.”


3.     Churches That Pray

C. Peter Wagner, 233 pp.

Regal Books

Guidelines to start a strategic prayer ministry in your church and for your community ... True-life examples of dynamic change through prayer - Resources for prayer development


4.     Fresh Encounter: God’s Pattern For Revival And Spiritual Awakening

Henry Blackaby & Claude King

LifeWay Press

Six week experience challenges your church to identify and overcome revival

restricting habits and attitudes.


5.     Biblical Patterns for Powerful Church Prayer Meetings

Gregory Frizzell

The Master Design: info@masterdesign

“It has been said that if we want to see the New Testament revival in our

cities, we must recreate the New Testament prayer meeting in our churches.

Greg Frizzell explains how to turn a traditional prayer meeting into "a time

of powerful prayer for evangelism, missions and revival.’”



North American Mission Board Resources: (the next four)

1.     “Praying Your Friends To Christ”

Equips your congregation to effectively pray for lost and unchurched acquaintances


2.     “Lighthouses of Prayer”

Everything you need to recruit and train believers to make their homes Lighthouses of prayer (brochures, tracts, video)


3.     “Taking Prayer To The Streets”

Great resource for mobilizing your congregation to prayerwalk (drive, bicycle, in-line-skate, etc) to cover your community in prayer


4.     “On Mission Prayer Map”

Will assist you in breaking down the task of covering North America in focused prayer. “How to Pray” section is a primer on prayer and prayerwalking. 770-410-6000


5.     HOPE: Houses Of Prayer Everywhere

Al Vander Griend


Excellent source of training materials for the Prayer/Care/Share strategy of establishing and sustaining Lighthouses. Their Church Lighthouse Kit has everything you need to get started on the right foot and in the right direction.


6.     Prayer Evangelism

Ed Silvoso

Regal Books

Like his ground-breaking “That None Should Perish” volume, this recent addition explains how to change the spiritual climate over your home, neighborhood and city. A practical plan of action to reclaim our communities and cities.


7.     Prayerwalking: Praying Onsite with Insight

Steve Hawthorne, Graham Kendrick

Creation House

Practical teaching on how to each church family can cover their neighborhood with prayer and how an entire church can cover their community with prayer. Easily and quickly gets everyone into the prayer movement of your church. No experience necessary!


8.     Prayerwalking Video: For Kids Of ALL Ages


Prayerwalking for Kids is a fast paced six minute video, narrated by kids, on how to pray for your city and actually enjoy it. Prayerwalking for Kids has often been enthusiastically viewed by adult audiences of many denominations, as well as kids.  It's available from Joey and Fawn Parish, for a donation of $14. (US).  postage paid in the US.  You can order the video by contacting  Joey Parish, 540 W. Highland Drive, Camarillo, California, 93010.



1.     Intercessors and Pastors

Eddie & Alice Smith, 175 pp.


Casts vision for the new, emerging partnership between pastors (the gatekeepers) and intercessors (watchmen). Vital for strategic prayer ministry in your congregation.


2.     Partners In Prayer

John Maxwell

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Special focus on how to strengthen and protect your ministry through prayer partnerships.


3.     National Pastors’ Prayer Network

Phil Miglioratti


Connects you to the global Pastors’ Prayer Group movement. Plus resources for prayer evangelism and the Lighthouse movement through email Updates.