E-mail Prayer Network

For Church Planters


The Concept:  Just as the Navy will bombard an enemy position before the Marines invade, barrages of prayer are needed just before a church planter undertakes a particular mission.  Reconnaissance aircraft then provide immediate feedback.



1.       A church planter sends a very specific and immediate prayer request entitled Bombardment #__ to his email group of prayer supporters.

2.       As soon as each prayer warrior receives the prayer request, he/she will pray right then.  Only once is all that’s expected.

3.       Within the week, the church planter sends an e-mail response as Recon #__ to his email group of prayer supporters.



1.       We suggest the church planter be as concise as possible with each bombardment or recon e-mail.

2.       We suggest the church planter request specific prayer for something that they will be able to give feedback on within the week..

3.       We suggest the prayer warrior pray immediately after receiving the prayer request.

4.       We suggest the church planter e-mail a “Recon” report within a week after requesting prayer.


Expected Results:

1.       To see God “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20).

2.       Church planters to sense prayer support from their prayer supporters.

3.       To see everyone’s vision and passion for God’s work expanded.